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Carbone Boot Camp

Carbone Boot Camp

The Carbone Boot Camp seminar is custom designed for the restoration and remediation business professional. If your business specializes in water damage, fire damage, mold and microbial remediation, my program lays out a clear and strategic plan that you can implement immediately to generate much higher revenues and from a wider variety of revenue streams. This program is the product of over five years of field-tested experience – techniques that I have refined and improved upon as a business development professional within the industry while being in one of the most competitive markets in the US.

The home study program I offer is a multiple DVD set that has been professionally produced from one of the Business Development Boot Camp seminars I have offered to restoration professionals throughout North America. It is comprehensive in it’s approach and will add tremendous value to both the seasoned veteran as well as the green marketer who started in this career within the past month. The bottom line is that I intend to drastically improve your restoration company’s bottom line.

Learn Valuable Restoration Sales Tactics Now in Your Pajamas!

Carbone Boot Camp

Carbone Boot Camp

A common request I was continually hearing from restoration owners and business development professionals alike was, “Chris, is there any chance you can create perhaps a webinar for your Boot Camp… I can not travel to the Northeast for the seminar.” My solution to this challenge has been addressed and I am proud to announce a professional multi-disk DVD home study edition for those whose busy lives prohibits travel to my seminars. I am excited to present the very material that has already helped so many restorers reap several new restoration revenue streams that hadn’t come easily before.
My DVD set is packed with nearly 4 hours of the best advice, strategies, new ideas and finest information I have compiled & implemented in my 5 years within the remediation industry.
Also included is a full 140+ page PowerPoint companion workbook that takes all the guesswork out of developing a sustainable and profitable business.

Love to Sample Something Before Making an Investment?

Then you and I have something in common! I encourage you to follow the link below to my YouTube page and view the multiple video clips that reveal some great strategies you can put to work right now, that won’t cost you a cent. I believe you will agree that the advice I propose is solid and you will quickly see why you will want to own the DVD in its entirety. The clips I have posted represent just a small sample of the pearls of wisdom that my seminar contains.

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